Rapid and positive, with flexible response for customer peace of mind.

Positive and rapid response to customer requirements and inquiries, and flexibility in delivering resin to satisfy customer demands.

  • Supervisors formulate customer requirements

    Supervisors link the customer and the resin development environment. They possess not only a knowledge of the various product specifications, but also the fundamental knowledge required for resin development. Supervisors are responsible for sales, and are able to understand customer requirements and provide positive proposals to facilitate resin development in response to customer requirements.

  • Specializing in small lots and varied product types

    Sanyu Rec’s views its mission as the resolution of product development problems through provision of resins customized through optimized blending. See us for development and manufacture of small lots and varied product types difficult for larger manufacturers.

  • Immediate response and perseverance

    Sanyu Rec’s prides itself on both its immediate response to consultations, and its perseverance in a tenacious approach to development over the long-term. It has a well-developed ability to respond to the style of customer product development, and a resourcefulness in handling various situations.

  • Focusing on peace of mind and reliability

    Sanyu Rec consistently aims at being a reliable partner, providing optimum solutions for customers. To accomplish these goals, it endeavors to provide the most rapid response possible to inquiries, and to report each step in progress in detail.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Feel free to use the inquiry form on the site, or contact us by phone, for requests and consultations on development of custom products, samples and catalogs of various resin products, and requests for product data etc.

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