The development experience to create any resin.

As a synthetic resin expert, Sanyu Rec works with the customer to develop the resin necessary for the product in question. Consistent improvement in development abilities through experience.

  • Unlimited fields and applications

    Raising the level of development abilities through customization of resins to satisfy customer requirements in unlimited fields and applications. From the field of electronics, instrumental in creating our future, to areas close at hand such as construction and civil engineering, we develop resins for a diverse range of applications.

  • More than 50 years of experience

    The specialized business of development and manufacture of resins has continued to expand since its establishment in 1958. Over a period of more than 50 years, we have resolved the problems of many customers based on our experience in the field. Customers can rely on our know-how accumulated over the years for developing required resins.

  • Horizontal development environment

    Technicians and sales supervisors work together on the same floor without separation by partitions to facilitate development of the optimum resin while being able to freely exchange opinions and points of view from customer perspective. Divisions covering different development areas are located on the same floor to facilitate sharing of technical know-how, and thus improve development abilities.

  • Development beside the manufacturing site

    Since the performance of the resin may vary depending on the temperature during manufacturing and the speed of stirring, it is essential to know the manufacturing process during development. The development department and the manufacturing department are located on the same site, and a small manufacturing device is installed in the development department. We develop with an emphasis on the manufacturing process.

New fields of development in the search for new possibilities

Sanyu Rec specializes in customized development for the customer, and as such has established a new development field independent of other divisions of the company. Using sophisticated development abilities and free-thinking in points of view and methodologies, we search for new possibilities in synthetic resins, and new business opportunities based on these resins.

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