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Sanyu RecResin development

Responsiveness in accommodating rapidly and positively to customer requirement, development abilities based on know-how accumulated over a period of 50 years, and technical abilities polished through participation in fields at the leading-edge of technology. Sanyu Rec provides optimum resins and solutions based on these three abilities.

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Responsiveness, technical abilities, development abilities

Sanyu RecBusiness introduction

Sanyu Rec has established the four business areas of electricity and electronic materials,semiconductor and LED materials, construction and industrial materials, and composite materials, and develops resins specifically for each field.

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Sanyu RecCompany information

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Sanyu Rec has consistently applied its efforts to research, development, and manufacture of synthetic resins since its establishment in 1958. The following introduces the company overview, management policy, domestic and overseas offices, and greetings from the company representative.

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