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Handling of personal information
The Company recognizes the importance of personal information, and has therefore established a Personal Information Protection Policy. Personal information obtained from customers is managed and used appropriately in accordance with this policy. See “Handling of personal information” for details. This site may acquire personal information in some cases when customers request information. See “Handling of personal information” for details of personal information of customers on this site.Acquisition of access logs for the purposes of improving the site, and the use of cookies, does not include personal information for the identification of customers.
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Linking to this site
Before linking to this site, please provide the company operating this site with the name of the organization operating the site which is the link source and the URL of the source page, and obtain the permission of the company operating this site.Links from sites with illegal content are prohibited.
  1. 1. Links to this site are generally unrestricted.
  2. 2. When linking to the site, please indicate clearly that its URL is “” and that it is the site of Sanyu Rec Co., Ltd.
  3. 3. Content other than the top page is liable to alteration or removal without prior notice. Always link to the top page.
  4. 4. Links may be removed depending on the site content and method of linking.
  5. 5. Links are prohibited, which can be described, or possibly described, as follows:
    1. (1)Links from sites which slander, or which interfere with operations of, the Company.
    2. (2)Links from sites posting anti-social content (e.g. adult content).
    3. (3)Links from sites not complying with the requirements of protection of intellectual property (sites posting images, characters, and audio files etc. without permission, or promoting illegal copying of software).
    4. (4)Links giving rise or a possible rise to the mistaken impression of an association or relationship with the Company, or that the link source is recognized or supported by the Company.
    5. (5)Other links from sites posting content evaluated as problematic by the Company.
  6. 6. A link must be removed immediately if conditions of use presented by the Company cannot be followed, or if there is no intention to follow the conditions of use, irrespective of the reasons.
  7. 7. The Company may request removal of links described above, or links deemed by the Company to be unsuitable.
  8. 8. The Company takes no responsibility for damages due to links to this site.

This site has been created based on information thought to be reliable, however it is not guaranteed to be accurate or factual.The company operating this site bears no responsibility for damages in the rare event of harm suffered due to information etc. posted on this site. Content posted on this site is liable to alteration or removal without prior notice.The information provided on this site is posted in good faith, however it is not guaranteed for accuracy, completeness, or utility. Information should be used at the discretion of the user.The Company bears no responsibility for any damage resulting from use of this information.

  • ・The Company may alter or remove content, change configurations, conditions of use, or the URL without prior notice.。
  • ・This site may become unusable due to the communications environment, interference with the Company web server or the site, the customer’s computer environment, or other causes.
  • ・The Company may pause or halt operation of the site without prior notice.
  • ・The Company does not guarantee the content of external sites linked from this site, and has no intention to promote a special administrative relationship with the companies operating these sites, or to promote products and services provided by these companies.
  • ・ Irrespective of links to external sites incorporating the Company logo and name, and links to this site, these sites are operated independently of the Company, and the Company bears no responsibility in relation to their content.
Prohibited behavior

The following behavior is prohibited when using this site. The company bears no responsibility for any damage resulting from falsification by a third party of data for this site or interference caused by transmission of data etc.

  • ・Behavior damaging or possibly damaging the Company or a third party.
  • ・Behavior slandering Company officials or employees.
  • ・Behavior against public order and decency etc. which damages or possibly damages the public trust or standing of the Company.
  • ・Criminal behavior, behavior linked to criminal behavior, or behavior possibly linked to criminal behavior.
  • ・Behavior contravening, or possibly contravening laws, ordinances, or regulations.
  • ・Links giving rise or a possible rise to the mistaken impression of an association or relationship with the Company, or that the link source is recognized or supported by the Company.
  • ・Use of links resulting in damage to the clarity of this site (e.g. flame links).
  • ・Any other behavior determined as unsuitable and asked for a halt by the Company.
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Web site improvements

This site may acquire user information in the form of an access log to ensure that the site can be used with ease and confidence.The access log is used to confirm the date and time of use and the domain, and does not include any information that can be used to identify the individual user.

Access logs When a user accesses this site, customer information related to its use may be accumulated on the site web server as an access log through various techniques (e.g. cookies, log analysis).The access log includes the domain name of the user accessing the site, the type of browser used, and the date and time of access etc. It does not include any information that can be used to identify the individual user.

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Governing Law and court of jurisdiction
Use of this site, and interpretation and application of “Use of the site” is in accordance with Japanese law unless special conditions apply.In the event of litigation between users and the Company, agreement between the user and the Company shall be reached in the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company.

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