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Management policy

We provide a stable supply of high quality products matched to the demands of a worldwide market and seek a prosperous coexistence with our customers by making full use of advanced technology based on our resin compounding skills.
Our efforts are aimed at conducting people and planet-friendly enterprise activities contributing to a better world, developing business activities in harmony with the environment, and grappling with environmental protection, including compliance with statutes and regulations, as an important topic of responsible corporate management.

Enactment  April 1, 2015

Business objective

  1. 1)Consolidation of management foundation.
  2. 2)Reinforcement of quality assurance system to ensure high quality
  3. 3)Improvement of customer satisfaction
  4. 4)Reinforcement of production system, improvement of productivity and quality with new factory and mechanized labor-saving distribution warehouse
  5. 5)Promotion of human resource development, reform of working styles and workplace improvement
  6. 6)Promotion of global management strategy
  7. 7)DCorporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (CSR)
Update  April1,2018
Sanyu Rec Co., Ltd.

Club activities

Sanyu Rec actively supports voluntary club activities by employees as a part of company welfare policy.Enhance the development and manufacture of better products through activities extending beyond one’s own division and occupation, position etc. and which invigorate communication between employees and deepen mutual understanding, and cultivate a sense of unity and refresh the mind and body.

  • Baseball club

  • Futsal Club

  • Tennis Club

  • Fishing Club

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