Creating new products and business based on resins

Sanyu-rec's 50 years of experience in resin development and manufacturing allows us to research and develop resins and related products with never before seen applications and characteristics, and create businesses based on them.
We offer customized resins and manufacturing processes that meet client needs, including adhesives, resins for casting, sealants, binders, fillers, resin sheets, and foamed resins.


  • Epoxy resin varnish
    Epoxy resin sheet

    Design of resin mixtures suited to the purpose and application of composite materials.Creation of epoxy resin sheet for use with different types of base prepregs.

  • Prepregs

    Prepregs are produced from different types of base materials (e.g. woven and non-woven cloth) using epoxy resin varnish and epoxy resin sheet.Materials can be customized as necessary, and processed on consignment.

  • Foamed epoxy resin
    Foamed resin sheet

    The newly developed foamed resin foams, cures, and adheres with the application of heat.It is used in a wide range of applications, for example, in weight reduction, shock-absorbing, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, and to increase volume.