Sanyu RecResin development

Responsiveness in accommodating rapidly and positively to customer requirement, development abilities based on know-how accumulated over a period of 50 years, and technical abilities polished through participation in fields at the leading-edge of technology. Sanyu Rec provides optimum resins and solutions based on these three abilities.

The process from order to delivery


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2Providing samples

We prepare a resin sample based on customer’s request and provide it . Try the sample to determine whether or not it suits your requirements for performance, quality, and ease of use etc.


After trying the sample, feel free to send us your opinions and requests. We will customize the product to meet your requirements.

See here for Responsiveness.


The product is customized repeatedly to ensure that we are able to provide a resin optimized to the requirements of the customer.

See here for Development abilities.



After customizing the resin, we transition to product manufacture and commercialization. From development to manufacture, all processes are conducted in-house to ensure a high-quality product.

See here for Technical abilities.

6Product delivery

The product is delivered to the customer in forms of packaging suited to the end-use environment and equipment.

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Feel free to use the inquiry form on the site, or contact us by phone, for requests and consultations on development of custom products, samples and catalogs of various resin products, and requests for product data etc.

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