Technical abilities in the creation of resins recognized by customers worldwide

In addition to creating resins required for customer product development, Sanyu Rec has the technical abilities to derive the expected performance in applications worldwide.

  • Resins unique to Sanyu Rec

    Approximately 70% of these resins used in substrates of certain domestic appliances sold worldwide are developed and manufactured by Sanyu Rec. Furthermore, many kinds of our resins occupy a large international share in a variety of fields, testifying to the high level of technical abilities in responding to customer requirements.

  • Responding to a wide variety of requirements

    Sanyu Rec specializes in production of small volumes and a wide range of varieties, delivering resins for a wide range of applications and performance for any customer in any industry. From materials for encapsulation of small electronic components to floor materials for large industrial plants, Sanyu Rec has the advanced technical abilities to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements.

  • Compliance with international standards

    As a partner to customers exporting products worldwide, Sanyu Rec is able to develop and manufacture resins complying with the various national performance and environmental standards. The company has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and is also engaged in quality management and environmental responses.

  • Patents for manufacturing processes

    When customizing resins to satisfy customer requirements, the importance of the manufacturing process on the performance of resins cannot be underestimated. Sanyu Rec has a number of patents on its technologies for mixture ratio, temperature, and sequence and rate of mixing etc.

  • Not only resins, but also equipment

    As a reliable partner to our customers, Sanyu Rec always aims to deliver optimum solutions. To achieve this objective, it endeavors to respond as rapidly as possible to customer inquiries, and to provide detailed progress reports.

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